Jerry is Pixel Town's Bus Driver. He is always on time and will get you where you need to go because of his trusty pal, Gus the Bus.

Mary loves all the animals in Pixel Town. Her best friend is Lyla the Lamb.

Tommy loves riding his bike and playing with his pal, Marcel the Monkey.

James loves to play at the park on the slide. He likes to pretend he is an astronaut in space.

Marcel is always with his best pal, Tommy. He loves going to the park and playing on the swings.

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Zoe is Farmer Phil's best cow. She wakes up very early and helps with the chores.

Tommy's Dad waits with Tommy every morning for the school bus. Tommy loves to play games with his Dad.

Kat loves to learn new things at school. She always has fun on the bus with her friends.

Daphne loves to draw on the sidewalks with chalk. Her favorite game is hopscotch.

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This is Marcel the Monkey's family! 

Petey is everyone's favorite pig in Pixel Town. He always has a good Oink Oink Joke to tell.